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Wikipedia research and experimentation

with the Wikimedia Research team

altmetrics: Measuring scholarly impact on the Social Web

with Jason Priem (UNC / ImpactStory) and Paul Groth (VU Amsterdam)

Dynamics of peer production and online collaboration

with Camille Roth (CNRS), Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia (Indiana University) and Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey)

Trust, authority and reputation on the Web

with Jose Quesada (MPI Berlin), Christophe Heintz (CEU) and Nick Chater (Warwick Business School)

Folk epistemology

with Christophe Heintz (CEU) and Nausicaa Pouscoulous (UCL)

Enactive and sensorimotor approaches to perception

with Matteo Mossio (CNRS)

Visual primitives and basic perceptual features (my PhD work)

with Roberto Casati (CNRS)

The modularity hypothesis: Functionally decomposing cognitive architecture

with Ángeles Eraña (UNAM, Mexico)
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