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[cress] Centre for Research in Social Simulation
[ucl] UCL Psychology & Language Sciences
[nicod] Institut Jean Nicod
[rpp] Review of Philosophy and Psychology (RPP)
[erp] European Review of Philosophy (ERP)

old projects

[of] Why use open formats?
[phrenologyy] Mapping the mind (in Italian)
[we] Web Epistemology


[crab] [crabs: 11.07.2004]
[eklozn] [eklozn: 12.03.2005]
[scar] [scar: 25.09.2005]


[tersilla] Grandma
[ella] Ella
[fathers] Fathers only
[genealogy] Taraborelli Genealogy Homepage

geeky stuff

[latex] The Beauty of LaTeX
[latex cv] Typesetting an academic CV in LaTeX
[latex tools] LaTeX on Mac OS
[latex opentype] Accessing OpenType features in XƎTeX
[wikka] WikkaWiki: Collaborative writing made simple
[wikitracer] WikiTracer: Mapping the wikisphere
[trk] Flickr Gadgets
[dev] Other development projects
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