Dario Taraborelli

I am a behavioral scientist and social computing researcher based in San Francisco. I currently serve as the Head of Research at the Wikimedia Foundation the non-profit organization that runs Wikipedia. My team's mission is to study participation, content production and readership in Wikipedia using quantitative and qualitative methods and design technology and strategies to drive the growth and quality of our projects

My own research looks at the behavioral and social aspects of collaborative technology. I am interested in studying the principles governing online collaboration and peer production as well as the use of data from the social Web to measure scientific impact

I was trained as a cognitive scientist and in a past life I worked on perceptual theory, cognitive architecture and the relation between action and perception

In my spare time I write code or digress on TeX and typography

Selected publications:

  • Priem, J., Taraborelli, D., Groth, P., Neylon, N. (2010), Altmetrics: A manifesto. html
  • Taraborelli, D. (2008) Soft peer review. Social software and distributed scientific evaluation. pdf
  • Priem, J., Groth, P., Taraborelli, D. (2012) The Altmetrics Collection. pdf doi
  • Ciampaglia, G.L., Taraborelli, D. (in press) MoodBar: Increasing new user retention in Wikipedia through lightweight socialization. doi pdf
  • Halfaker, A., Keyes, O., Taraborelli, D. (2013) Making peripheral participation legitimate: Reader engagement experiments in Wikipedia. doi pdf
  • Taraborelli, D., Ciampaglia, G.L. (2010) Beyond notability. Collective deliberation on content inclusion in Wikipedia. doi pdf
  • Roth, C., Taraborelli, D., Gilbert, N. (2008) Measuring wiki viability. An empirical assessment of the social dynamics of a large sample of wikis. doi pdf
  • Taraborelli, D., Roth, C. (2011) Viable Web communities: Two case studies. doi pdf
  • Heintz, C, Taraborelli, D. (2010) Folk epistemology. The cognitive bases of epistemic evaluation. doi pdf
  • Taraborelli, D. (2008) How the Web is changing the way we trust. pdf
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