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European Review of Philosophy

RPPBetween 2004 and 2009 I served as editor of the EUROPEAN REVIEW OF PHILOSOPHY. Established in Geneva in 1994, the ERP was a peer-reviewed series published by CSLI Publications, Stanford. It issued a series of volumes on philosophy of language and mind. In 2003, the first board of the ERP (composed by R. Casati, E. Corazza, J. Dokic, M. Garcia-Carpintero, P. Kotatko, M. Rechenauer, G. Soldati, T. Stoneham) passed on the management of the series to a new editorial board, whose interests focus on the theoretical foundations of the scientific study of mind and behaviour. The ERP series was discontinued after volume 6. Further information on the EUROPEAN REVIEW OF PHILOSOPHY [ISSN: 1098-7274] can be found on its legacy website: www.erp-review.org

In 2009 the series was repositioned as a quarterly journal published by Springer with the title: REVIEW OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY [ISSN 1878-5158, eISSN: 1878-5166]. Edited quarterly at the Jean Nicod Institute, the RPP publishes articles on philosophical and foundational issues in cognitive science. [more]

Further information can be found on the journal's website:
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