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Typesetting your academic CV in LaTeX

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[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv]Several dedicated packages are available to typeset a curriculum vitę or a resume in LaTeX, such as europecv or ecv. For some reason I have always found these solutions not flexible enough to suit my needs. This is why I opted for a standard article class as a basis for my CV.

Some TeX engines such as XeTeX allow you not only to benefit from the advanced typesetting features available in LaTeX, but also to use in your documents expert fonts such as Hoefler Text or Adobe Garamond Pro and to edit TeX sources in your native (Western or non-Western) writing system.

For my CV I use a template compiled in XeTeX with Libertine as the main typeface (get it from GitHub). My developer portfolio is set in Titillium. The following are custom templates I designed to typeset an academic curriculum vitę in XeTeX. You are free to download them and modify them to typeset your own cv (get them all from GitHub).



(All required software is bundled with the MacTeX distribution)

1. Fontin

(Requires the free fonts Fontin and Fontin Sans)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using Fontin]



0.3 (1 June 2010)

2. Gentium Basic

(Requires the free font Gentium Basic)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using Gentium Basic]



0.3 (1 June 2010)

3. ITC Officina

(Requires the commercial fonts ITC Officina Sans and ITC Officina Serif)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using ITC Officina]



0.3 (1 June 2010)

4. Caslon

(Requires the commercial font Adobe Caslon Pro)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using Adobe Caslon Pro]



0.3 (1 June 2010)

5. Hoefler Text+Optima

(Requires Hoefler Text and Optima, two expert fonts bundled with Mac OS X)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using Hoefler Text and Optima]



0.3 (1 June 2010)

6. Linux Libertine

(Requires Linux Libertine a free, OFL-licensed OpenType font)

[Example of XeTeX-typeset cv using Linux Libertine]



0.3 (24 June 2010)


Getting expert fonts

XƎTeX gives the best results with expert fonts such as those based on OpenType technology. Most of them can be purchased from digital foundries, but Mac OS comes bundled with a number of excellent fonts with expert features (e.g. Hoefler Text, Optima, Skia, Apple Chancery, Zapfino). More free OpenType fonts are available on the net. Check out for example the Gentium, Charis SIL and Doulos SIL fonts from SIL, Cardo by David J. Perry, the free fonts designed by Jos Buivenga (the creator of Fontin), this collection of professional quality fonts selected by Vitaly Friedman or the amazing Font Squirrel.


The above templates are provided for free and without any guarantee that they will correctly compile on your system if you have a non-standard configuration. Fonts used in the above templates are not included in the downloads and must be already installed on your system. You can modify the fontspec settings in the document header to use any TrueType, OpenType or AAT font available on your system. For plain LaTeX templates, see Matthew Boedicker's examples.


Thanks to Will Robertson for the fontspec package and help, readers of AcademicProductivity.com for their comments, the MacTeX people, Dick Koch in particular, for their kind support, Yan Brailowsky, Sam Cox and Karim Dharamsi for reporting various issues. Franēois Briatte helped solved an annoying issue with unprocessed floats in v.0.2. This article, the PDF samples and TeX sources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. A backlink is sufficient for attribution.

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