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nĭtens (Lat. for sleek, shining, glittering) is the species taxon of a European ground beetle, Carabus nitens L..
nitens.org is the name of my virtual playground, hosting resources related to my work (research, editorial and teaching materials) as well as development projects I have been involved in. It is also home to a bunch of random things such as a photo portfolio, some geeky advocacy materials, pictures of Tersilla and tips on cooking North Sea crabs.

Some technicalities

nitens.org is invisibly run by Wikka, a GPL-licensed, standards-compliant and lightweight wiki engine written in PHP to whose development I contribute.

Using content from this site

The content, images and clips on this website are (unless otherwise stated) 2003-2017 Dario Taraborelli and are released under a CC-BY-SA license. The stylesheet used on this site was originally inspired by Mark Boulton's website and is available with some slight modifications as a theme for WikkaWiki. If you wish to use this website's stylesheet as is, a backlink is appreciated, you are otherwise free to modify it and adapt it to your own project.


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